Sunday, 6 November 2016

Aadhar card Update By Phone Number and Change aadhar card address online

Hi pals! Have you requested for your Aadhar Card and after proper verification you've received it. But wait! What if you might have lost your mobile number or perhaps in any way would like to change your mobile number related to your Aadhar Card. But the main problem is basically that you don’t are aware of the proper procedure to make it happen. No worries, you've got landed luckily to the correct page. Here in this information we are going to make suggestions step board How to Change and Update Phone Number in Aadhar Card Online.
Aadhar Card Status

How to Change and Update Phone Number in Aadhar Card Online

  •     Visit UIDAI Website or aadhar card update website.
  • Now entered your complete Aadhar Card details which can be asked and solve the captcha then click on “Send OTP”
 Note: If you've already provided your mobile number understanding that number is active then you'll receive an OTP. But if not the continue with the step further down carefully:

  •     Well now if you could have not entered your mobile number then you'll be drected towards a screen telling Enter your Aadhar Number.
  • Now enter your overall active mobile number, solve the captcha and visit “Send OTP”.
  • As soon as you visit “Send OTP” option you are going to receive a six digit code(i.e., OTP) that is valid for no longer that sharp fifteen minutes. So be steady and grab the code and enter it within the next page your are redirected in which you are asked to enter your OTP as well as other Aadhar Card detail colliding with enter.
  • Now you might have successfully logged into back. So, you might be displayed a screen  which is going to be displaying all of the field you can update.
  • For improve your mobile number in Aadhar Card click the checkbox next to the mobile number and click on submit.
  • Now you are going to be redirected to your screen where one can enter your mobile number. And after entering your mobile number, visit “Submit Update Request”.
  • Now for the next screen you may have to verify your mobile number from the OTP they may send and after entering the code you've got to click proceed button
  • Congo, now you've got successfully updated your Aadhar Card Number.

Conclusion :-

Hope you liked this informative article and your entire doubts are evident in changing or updating your Aadhar Card Number. If you might have any queries or feedback relevant to this twenty-four hours a day comment below. And we are going to be happy to give you a hand.